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Training Event Request

Our Training Event Request is used for requesting a variety of training programs sponsored by our office. Instructions for completing the form are included below, and are also part of the request form itself.

Requests must be received by our office at least 60 calendar days prior to your requested training dates, so please allow additional time for your internal coordination process, as well as the County Coordination process.

You can download the Event Request Form through this link:

ADEM Training Event Request (.doc)

If you have any questions about our programs or this request process, please contact our training office for assistance.

Section 1. Course Information and Funding Options. Include the Course #, Title, your Primary Audience and Estimated Number of Participants. Be sure to select one of the following funding options as described below:

  • Federally Funded – Select this option if the program you’re requesting is funded through the US Dept of Homeland Security’s National Training and Education Division. Since these depend on the schedule of our federal training partners, our office prefers 60 days notice to coordinate these events. Some events may be available sooner; some may not be available until a much later date. We will advise you of your options.
  • Request County/State FundingSelect this option if you are requesting county/state funding for approved FEMA training programs. Our office needs 60 days notice to coordinate these events.
  • Request Certificates Only – Select this option if your agency is funding this program (including instructor fees, student manuals, etc). Emergency Management will provide Certificates of Completion through the Event Registration Management Application (ERMA) online system. Our office prefers 30 days notice to coordinate these events. Although there is no funding or contracting on our end, 30 days will give you enough time to advertise, and it will also give your audience sufficient time to enroll.
    • For Certificate Only Courses, you will also need to include the names of the authorized Emergency Management Adjunct Instructors you will be using for the course.
  • Other – If you are unsure of the funding source, contact our office to discuss options.

Section 2. Requester Contact Information. Please complete the entire section, including your ERMA ID# (EIN). If you do not have an ERMA ID#, or forgot it, you can log on to www.erma.az.gov and create/lookup your ID. We will need this in order to add you as a “viewer” on the course roster.

Section 3. Training Site. Enter the physical address where the training will be held (no PO Boxes).

Section 4. Training Site Resources. Check all resources available at the training site. Include any additional comments such as parking or other restrictions, breakout rooms available and other site resources.

Section 5. Shipping Address for Course Materials. Many courses may require anywhere from one to several boxes of course materials. If they cannot be shipped to the training site, specify an alternate.

Section 6. Registration Information. Because of the exclusive nature of some of our training programs, please specify if want “Open Enrollment” or “Requires Agency Approval”. Some examples of when to use  “Requires Agency Approval” option (not required, but suggested):

  • For “Certificate Only classes”, if you want to restrict who attends due to your agency’s funding;
  • For classes requiring technical skills (HazMat Technician, Active Shooter, etc);
  • For classes restricted to a particular discipline (Sworn Officers only, Hospital Staff only);
  • For classes with enforced prerequisites (many prerequisites are recommended, not enforced);
  • For classes requiring additional registration steps (additional form, college registration, etc).

If using “Requires Agency Approval”, you will need to check the roster periodically and notify our office who is to be enrolled/denied.

Section 7. Requester Agreement. Complete each check box and sign indicating that you agree to the conditions of hosting this training.

Fax the request to the County Emergency Management Office training point of contact in the county where the training will be held. You will receive an Event Confirmation once your class has been routed through the County for coordination/approval. Depending on when our office receives the request, you should receive a final confirmation 60 to 30 days from the start of your class.

Section 8. County Coordination. Reserved for County/Local Emergency Planning Commission coordination/approval.

Section 9. ADEM Approval. Reserved for Emergency Management approval.

For additional information on any of these programs, please contact us for assistance.


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