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grant funded training


Requests for the use of Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funding in support of training programs must be coordinated and approved by the State Administrative Agency (SAA), Arizona Department of Homeland Security, and the SAA Training Point of Contact (TPOC), Training Branch at the Arizona Division of Emergency Management. Details can be found in the Homeland Security Grant Guidance.

The jurisdiction must obtain this approval prior to any commitment for any requested training utilizing Homeland Security funds.

request process

Step 1: Check to see if your program is already listed in one of the Approved Training Catalogs. If it is, the course is eligible for HSGP funding, but you still need to coordinate the training with the SAA and TPOC. Each training provider has their own process for scheduling training. Contact our Homeland Security program coordinator (TPOC) with the course number and title, and we will assist you with your request.

Step 2: If your requested training is NOT in any of the catalogs below, the next step is to ensure that the requested program meets with the grant guidelines for training not provided by FEMA (DHS). The SAA and TPOC can assist with this determination, but the more information you provide, the better we can assist.

You will need to submit your request by completing a Reimbursement Pre-approval Request Form. Submit the completed aplication via fax or email to the TPOC with the following information:

  • Course title (and course number if applicable)
  • Course description (attach flyer, website, etc)
  • Mission area (common, prevent, protect, respond, recover)
  • Level of training (awareness, performance, management)
  • Training provider (contact information)
  • Date of the course
  • Anticipated number of attendees
  • Associated disciplines of the attendees
  • Anticipated costs
  • Grant program/year/project

Step 3: The SAA and TPOC will review the course and determine if it is eligible and approved for use of HSGP funds.

If the program you're requesting is deemed eligible and approved for expenses, jurisdictions must report the following to the SAA or TPOC within 30 days after attending training:

  • Original Approval from SAA/TPOC, which should include:
    • Course title
    • Course description
    • Mission area
    • Level of training
    • Training provider
  • Actual date of the course
  • Actual number and associated disciplines of the attendees
  • Sponsoring jurisdiction
  • Course roster of attendees
  • Reimbursement request and associated invoices

approved training catalogs

Programs contained in the following catalogs have already been deemed "eligible training", but expenses to support these programs still need to be coordinated with the SAA and TPOC.

FEMA (DHS) National Training and Education Division (NTED) Catalog: These courses are developed for and/or delivered by institutions and organizations funded directly by FEMA. The majority of these programs are offered at NO COST. This includes programs offered by the institutions below.

  • The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP)
  • The National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC)
  • The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC)
    • National Emergency Training Center
    • National Fire Academy
  • Emergency Management Institute
  • FEMA Training Partners funded through the Continuing and Demonstration Training grant programs

State Sponsored Course Catalog: These courses are developed for and/or delivered by institutions or organizations other than Federal entities or FEMA, and are sponsored by the SAA or their designated Training Point of Contact. The majority of the courses have fees.

Federal Sponsored Course Catalog: This catalog lists courses developed for and/or delivered by institutions funded by Federal entities other than FEMA. Some of these courses have fees; some are funded through state or federal entities.

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Training NOT provided by FEMA (DHS)
If the program you're requesting is NOT in any of these catalogs, it is considered NON-FEMA Training. Non-FEMA courses are those courses that are either State sponsored or Federal sponsored, coordinated and approved by the State Administrative Agency (SAA) or Training Point of Contact (TPOC), and fall within the FEMA mission scope to prepare State and local personnel to prevent, protect, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism or catastrophic events. These training programs include, but are not limited to, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) terrorism, catastrophic events, cyber/agriculture/food security, and citizen preparedness.

In order to use HSGP funds, Non-FEMA courses must:

  • Build additional capabilities that a) support a specific training need identified by the State, Territory, and Urban Area, and b) comport with the State, Territory, or Urban Area Homeland Security Strategy
  • Address specific tasks and/or competencies articulated in FEMA’s Emergency Responder Guidelines and the Homeland Security Guidelines for Prevention and Deterrence
  • Address specific capabilities and related tasks articulated in the Target Capabilities List
  • Support the specific program training activities identified in the individual HSGP grant programs (SHSP, UASI, MMRS, CCP) for which the funding will be used
  • Comport with all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations, certifications, guidelines, and policies deemed appropriate for the type and level of training

In support of the continuing efforts to build common catalogs of approved training not provided by FEMA, the SAA/TPOC will be allowed three deliveries of the same course within a State/Territory before the course is required to go through the FEMA State Course Review and Approval Process.

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For additional information on Grant Funded Training, please contact the Homeland Security program coordinator (TPOC) or visit the Arizona Department of Homeland Security for assistance.



Federal and State Course Catalogs

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